Certified G7 Expert

After over 30 years in the printing and graphics art industries. I finally put my knowledge to a good use. For 5 days (4 hours per day) I have followed an on-line training offered by Idealliance and presented by David Crowther Director of Idealliance Australasia.

After the training I took the certification test and passed to become a certified G7 Expert.

A title and certification that allows me to implement and maintain G7 internally, and offer G7 Expert consulting to others who might like to follow suit. Additionally as a G7 Expert I can train, test, calibrate and qualify businesses to achieve G7 Master Qualification – a globally recognised qualification. G7 is an internationally renowned printing specification and method that offers print buyers, brands and print service service providers balance, repeatability, consistency and excellent reproduction of graphic art across all CMYK print processes.

Something that every respected Brand owner should push to achieve


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